Monday, March 2, 2009

Home At Last

I'm back at a computer after a minor life changing event. I've been out of it for the last couple of weeks for reasons we won't go into, but while I was recouping I had a dream. I dreamed that someday chickens will be able to cross the road without having their motives questioned. No wait, not that dream ...

I dreamed that I robbed a bank. I got 15 million dollars in debt. While running away, I was being chased by a police dog. Unfortunately I tried to escape from the dog by crawling through a tunnel, running over a see-saw, and jumping through a hoop of fire. The animal finally caught me as I was weaving in and out of some sticks.

I got some good news while I was in the jail in this dream. I heard that the prison population has been ballooning for the past 10 years. I mean it would be the thrill of my lifetime to go ballooning. Most law abiding citizens can only dream of that. Then I started waking up and the TV was on a news channel in my room. The first thing I remember hearing was that 60,000 people had lost their homes in America. Now how stupid do you have to be to forget where you live?

In the hospital my roommate was a crazy pet lover. He convinced me that testing cosmetics on animals was wrong. Even though my dog looks fucking hot in lipstick, I guess I agree. When I got home I found a package of Viagra I had ordered off the internet. Not being sure of its quality I thought I'd try it on the dog first. Boy his ass is going to hurt for days.

Well, thanks for dropping by. I've got to take my meds now. I missed you. Catch you later ...

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