Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Have A Library

After 3 years in my house, I just found out I have a library down the street. Man they sure kept that place quiet. Anyway, I went in there to check out a book on suicide. Can you believe that the lady behind the desk told me to go to hell? She said I wouldn't bring it back.

They have a video section there as well. I asked if they had any DVDs about some people stranded on a tropical desert island, and the worker in that area told me to get lost. I can't believe how rude some people can be.

I did find one person I thought was helpful though. She taught me I should never judge a book by the cover. I should use the paragraph on the back. It tells you what the book is about. And just when I thought she was showing some respect for me and trying to help, she pipes up with a recommendation for some silly book saying 'its a real page turner.' Like I don't know how a book works!

I finally found a book and checked it out. Its called Psycho the Rapist. Funny thing though, on the cover all the words are run together so it looks like Psychotherapist. Isn't that hilarious. Catch ya later ...

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