Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Female Problems

My friend Glenn called and was a little bummed out about having another fight with his girlfriend. He kicked her out this time but I can understand why. I mean she is always going on and on about her female problems. So what if she has missed two fuck!ing periods. Big Deal. Get over it.

Glenn and I have decided to go protest down at the abortion clinic later tonight. And to show them we mean business we plan on taking eggs and throwing them at the building. We're really upset about all this taking life before it is even born.

I'm not in any hurry to go home after work cause I had a little fight with my lady too. All I said was "there are three things about you that I really can't stand."

She says "Oh no, what are they?"

I said "Your chin."


  1. Loving your irreverence. Really, I've pissed myself laughing reading your posts. It was messy, but worth it. :)

  2. The crude humor and disrespect on this blog is appalling, and bears all the hallmarks of anarchy, insensitivity, and misogyny (if not out & out misanthropy).

    Please keep up the good work in 2009.

  3. I agree with Bill. As a woman, I find this blog very mean and offensive toward females.

    Also? Don't stop. It's funny as hell.