Sunday, December 28, 2008


Theresa was just telling me about her interesting adventure at the market this morning.

After she had chosen all her grocery necessities for the day, you know Twinkies, potato chips, frozen pizza, and diet Mountain Dew, she proceeded to the check out line.

After the clerk had rang up her items Theresa leaned across the counter to present the checker with her coupons (she is such a thrifty shopper) and the craziest thing happened. Her blouse opened just enough for the scanning devise to catch a glimpse of her stretch marks and BAM! The computer proceeds to ring up a side of beef. True Story! Honest!

Makes me glad that I got her that Jenny Craig gift certificate for Christmas.


  1. that you are still alive to write after making this revelation makes me think that either Theresa is fictitious or you are. I'm not picky, half right will get me there.

  2. I love the randomness of this blog. I see my counterparts to the left. I will be back for more