Monday, April 13, 2009

A Day At The Office

I had to interview people for an opening at work today. The first guy was fresh out of college and seemed quite competent, plus he is a real people person. The second guy has a degree and three years experience. The woman has two degrees and seven years experience. Of course I hired the woman. Hell I can get her for half the pay. Now understand I'm all for sexual equality. That's why I allow all my female staffers to work overtime so they can earn the same as my guys.

Over the weekend I had met up with Don (a co-worker) and accused him of calling in sick in order to go play golf. He informed me I was wrong, and he had the fish to prove it. So after lunch today I handed in a resignation letter. I can't wait to see Don's face when he finds out he quit. Hehe.

But then just when I thought everything was going my way, my computer became infected with some kind of antivirus virus. It keeps popping ads up on the screen so it is impossible to use. I've had to do everything manually all afternoon. Do you know how long it takes to shuffle the cards for Solitaire? I had to stay late to finish the game I'd started.

Right before I left I read a memo from the Big Guy introducing a new rule: No drinking at your desk. I'm not too upset about it though, there's 37 other desks in that office. To end this post I'd just like to offer a big thank you to all of those people who have taken the time to put lovely bouquets of flowers by the side of the highway. It really brightens up my drive to work. THANK YOU!

See ya later ...


  1. Your life is all kinds of special. I'm so jealous.

  2. Taking creative license with this thing makes my life super special. I can't talk bout it right now, I'm on my way to astronauts night school. I'll post about it someday.