Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy B-day

Hooray. Today is my birthday. Before I left the house this morning my wife promised me something extra special when I got home. She told me I was going to get anal tonight. But it would be one night only, so I better enjoy it.

I was so excited all day. I told all my friends at work and they couldn't believe how lucky I was. I hurried home, parked crooked and almost forgot to close the car door.

So I skip through the front door all excited (yes I skipped), (anal, uh huh! uh huh!) and there she is. Standing in the middle of the living room, holding some k-y, naked as a jay bird, smiling from ear to ear, and ... she's wearing this huge fucking strap on. "Are ya ready for it?" she giggles.

Then she said "Do ya know the difference between jelly and jam?
Maybe I can't jelly this up your ass, but I sure can jam it"

One of us is sleeping on the couch tonight. I don't care who but one of us definitely is!


  1. LMfaoooooooooooo.. Love it!! So, are you walking bow-legged today??

  2. I just wathed Borat again.

    Borat: You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual?

    Just thought you'd like to know.

  3. That was very Funny. I really like that

  4. You are so twisted dude! LOL nice cake

  5. Come over and follow snarky now we moved to blogger!!! YAY it is so much more fun that that @!##! quickblogcast godaddy crap

  6. The birthday cake looks good but I'm sure it wasn't as good as anal. Who knows, maybe next year you will get both!

  7. You're a lucky man. Boy, I sure wish I could hump that cake. Sooooo.... did ya have a PIECE?