Sunday, May 10, 2009

For You Mom

It being mothers day our family spent the the afternoon reminiscing about good times growing up.

My oldest brother Ken, remembered the time he got caught sneaking some ice cream right before supper. This was before the rest of us were born. Mom walked into the kitchen and and yelled “Supper is in the oven. Put that ice cream away and go play until the food is on the table.”

But mom, Ken cried, There's nobody to play with!

OK, mom said, I'll play with you. What do you want to play?

I want to play house. You be the mom and I'll be daddy. You go into the living room, and I'll be there in a minute. A couple minutes later Ken struts into the front room wearing one of dad's hats, chomping on one of his cigars, and mom said “Welcome home dear, how was your day?”
Ken said “Never mind how my day was, get your butt up out of that chair and fix your kid some ice cream!”

OK, that didn't really happen, but there was that time when we were little, and my sister shared a shocking secret at the supper table. She told everyone that Kens best friend Kevin had a weenie like a peanut. Mom asked “Do you mean its little?”
She said “No, its salty.”

OK, that didn't really happen. But there was that time when it was asked “Mom I'm 12 now. Can I wear a bra?”
“No Michael.”

My mother used to be quite the ventriloquist. She was always throwing her voice to make us laugh. Sometimes it wasn't funny though. For ten years I thought the dog was telling me to kill my father.

But growing up my mother was just like a sister to me. Well except we didn't have sex as often. So this post is for you mom. I love you!