Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old Age

Now, it's official. I'm old.

Picture this. I was returning to my car at the quick-stop. Coming into the store was this smoking hot 20, maybe 21 year old, fine little blond. God, she was hot.

My thought? "I wonder what her mother looks like."

Reminded me of when I was that age. I went out with an English teacher for a while, but she dumped me. She didn't approve of my improper use of the colon. What are ya gonna do?

Some people think 46 is middle age, but its not really. Not when you plan on living to be 120. I've started taking better care of myself and have done some research on tests I may need in the future. I found this video and knew right away that it must be shared. Pay attention - this is important for all of us guys!

Thanks to Rick Blue.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, this is Kelly, goddamnit. First time here at your blog. I'm old, too. I'm either 45 or 46. I forget. That's how old I am. My sister wants me to get an colonoxopy (don't know how to spell it right now.... maybe later). Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about getting a tube up my ass. I was watching the video while eating a blueberry muffin just now. That was a bad idea. But the song made me want to get up and dance.

    Catch ya later. Wacky fun blog, you have here.