Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Easter Cheer

It still makes me laugh when I think about all the lies my dad told me when I was young. You know, like how the Easter Bunny hid eggs for me to find and eat. And how Old St. Nick left presents for me because I was a decent kid all year. And how the Sodomy Fairy left me that skate board for ....

This being almost Easter I am reminded of one of my favorite Bible verses. II Mathark 3:42-43 “And before being hung upon the cross, Jesus spake unto the 12 disciples saying: Toucheth not my fucking Easter eggs! I'll be back for them on Monday.”

Jesus was a great guy with many talents. Like the time he turned some water into wine. But hell I know this guy named Pedro who turned an entire student loan into tequila, so there you go. I used to ask myself 'What Would Jesus Do' when I had a major problem. But hey, he let himself get crucified so maybe his decision making skills needed a little work.

When Jesus was on the cross and almost dead he motioned Mary over and spoke oh so softly, withering in pain and barely able to speak, he said “Take the nails out, Mary, take the nails out.”
Mary did just as he asked and as he began to fall forward he screamed “FEET FIRST YOU STUPID BITCH!”



  1. Gosh, I'm going to have to go over my Bible again. I don't remember reading those passages... but I certainly BELIEVE you.

    Sweet, hilarious post, Michael. Nice. :P

  2. Shame on you!

    I'm CC'ing the nuns from my Catholic school immediately!!!

    FUCK, I just about fucking died dude!!

    When you mentioned sodomy, the Jesus in the next sentence I about choked on my damn cereal, then all I could picture was the nun's faces when you said,


    I can see them doing the sign of the cross and pulling out their rosaries now!!!!

    Oh god!!! Where is your fucking Tweet button bitch??? Oh all the way up top! Got it!

  3. Woooo-hoooo!!! I've been wandering where you were, thank goodness I found you here! You are so going back on my blog roll. Now, come see me, damn it!

    By the way, that's one wicked playlist.